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Solar Mannequin release

A deep-space pilot brings back troubling testimony from his mission monitoring the solaristics project- a research center orbiting a mysterious planet. An old friend and stake-holding scientist springs into action to save what’s left of this faltering project, the implications of which could shatter what’s left of a struggling democracy; or simply be forgotten…It all hangs on DIY worm-hole technology. Let’s hope the roto-intentional booster has been stabilized!



This is the first complete edit of this epic re-make of Solaris, shot on location during the Winter and Spring of 2010 in South Philly, locations also shot in Camden NJ, the World Expo, Shanghai, China, and the Presidential Palace in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


2 responses

  1. phong

    Andrew, straight up, the narrative of ‘Solar Mannequin’ was lost on my primitive, reptilian brain. I may have been hampered by watching it on a Monday morning whilst downing my breakfast of Hungarian beer (I’ve about undone any good gained from the meditation course and will need to be checking myself back in to one of them things before returning to Saigon). What I could appreciate was the cinematography, editing, the giant tub of Nutella, and the soundtrack (especially liked the jazzy bits and the mellow surf rock at the end). All in all, I’m impressed with the hard work that went into this and enjoyed this “sweded” adaptation (spin off?) of Solaris. I’ve actually never watched the original but the Clooney remake was lost on me. This stuff is just too abstruse for an uncouth individual such as myself. Because I self-consciously feel the need to leave some trace of cultural cachet on your high-minded website I will have to recommend to you what I been digging on as of late: Ti West’s horror which is on showcase in the soon to be released flick (torrent that biaaaa) V/H/S which is a “found footage” horror anthology. Get involved. Hugs.

    September 10, 2012 at 6:15 am

    • Andrew

      Well, the verdict is in, and that includes me and everyone that has thus far seen it- the film is incomprehensible. That’s what I get for trying to make an art joke about a notoriously obscure piece of work- ah, but I tried… That said, I am proud of my first “talkie” and love almost every bit of it. Glad you got the Nutella joke at least, and thanks, that’s me playing guitar on that surf-rock classic. I will check out this fellow that you mention and so glad you commented bro- cause it’s all about the community, and the Hungarian beer!

      September 10, 2012 at 8:45 am

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