A journal of TMI

Music video

While touring with Ida through the Southeast and what I termed at the time “Planet Florida” I shot and then later edited this video.  We also hit spots back in the Northeast such as D.C., NYC and Brookline in Boston. The film was shot on a Bolex and a Keystone A-1 on 16mm (and I should have cleaned the gate!)

The next film is just a fan video, with no affiliation with the band and no original footage.
I edited together together some favorite scenes from pre-code films and a documentary about occupied France to one of my then favorite songs “Feed me with your kiss” by My Bloody Valentine. Joan Crawford and Judy Garland make appearances.

In the next film I appear along with my collaborators, John Gillis, Tonie Joy, and Meghan Tice, with a guest appaerance by Miggy Littleton. My brother, Matthew Richardson, organized this film shoot as part of his Solar Lottery project. My band represents mysterious country dwellers who carry out their rituals at night. Our chanteuse, Meghan Tice could only be persuaded to sing with us during our most abstract moments, hence everything was spontaneous and unrehearsed. For another example, check out my short, “Floating”. Later on that night she knocked everyone’s socks off when she sat down at the drumset. Unforgettable.

I shot this next film on 16mm after an ice storm had blanketed our area. I really like the blues that came out as a result. It’s just meant to be an abstract portrayal of light and ice so who better to accompany than the mystery band U.S.K. with their chanteuse Meghan Tice?

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