A journal of TMI

Visual art and doodles

I’ve made various types of visual art in my life, not just film and photography, and each category of visual art I do for a different reason, or rather a different sub-reason in service of the more unifying purposes of expression, communication, and practice.
I wouldn’t call these other forms of work ‘hobbies’ because that term sweeps too much along with it, though I will freely admit that I rarely practice creating these types of works. Practice is the magic thing in expression- you really need to do it if you want to lasso a cascade of creativity, though sometimes you can accumulate enough energy in one field to just throw into another- but you haven’t really abandoned practice there, you’re just practicing and practicing and then taking a turn. And that can be great.
I made this page just to study for myself any connection there might be between my earliest pre-school masterpieces, and whatever else I’ve done along these lines. The big ‘studio’ that existed was the floating world of my time as a student, during which I relentlessly doodled over my textbooks and in the margins of my notes. My drawing skill then peaked when I was in University and has declined since my graduation in 1991. These are basically mostly doodles. My favorite work from my senior year is lost, and I hope I’m not implying that this is a great tragedy, though to me, it almost is. It would have been even sweeter to have created more, and this was an era when comics came into their own, and some people I knew did go into comics. I published a compendium of this era of comic work among my peers for two years as an undergrad. But I had too much on my plate to stick with drawing. Only when I was imprisoned in a classroom could I consistently work at it. I was crazy to do film, and I began writing songs, and… We’d have to get into a discussion about our finite nature and the attitudes native to youth to really unravel it. Nevertheless, I can still draw something that makes me laugh, that captures what I am going for, even though I can see all the soft dross that those who really work at it can dispense with much more easily than I. And most of the drawings here are exactly that- not ever intended or conceived as a finished work, but more of a note of an idea I was trying to communicate.
So, that’s what this is- just a bunch of doodles and early childhood work I’ve posted (and another project perhaps I’ll discuss some other time) to remind myself of two things: 1) that it can be totally great to be naive about your work, … but… 2) in the end, of paramount importance to meaningful work is PRACTICE!!!

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